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50 0620 29/12/99 - Keith Banks, Brisbane, Australia
Thanks for the memories. When I left UK (1952) these were the majority of London Buses.
49 0533 23/12/99 - Don Burn, South Ruislip, Middx
I have always loved the old RT buses, they remind me of my youth inthe sixties. I am 51 today, and it is a delight to see so many of these marvellous old buses in running order. I have always wanted to drive one, maybe one day I will. Finances and space dictate that I will never own one, so maybe I can persuade one of the owners to let me take one for a spin one day. Keep up the good work, I love to see pictures of these wonderful old ladies, maybe some Windows wallpaper photos?
48 2024 17/10/99 - Gary Dimmock, Bideford, Devon
A very interesting site! I arrived back from Durban, South Africa four years ago and can assure everybody that roofbox RT 1947 is alive and well in the hands of Doug Green. He is in the final stages of restoration and intends to return to the UK in the near future, complete with RT. This vehicle spend many years with East London municipality in the Eastern Cape and was often overloaded and driven over unmade roads. A real proof of the RT's basic strength. Keep up the good work.
47 2234 11/10/99 - David Edwards, Bridport, Dorset
A good site for those that remember real buses - I used to go to school on UX RFs (Route 223).
46 1803 27/9/99 - John (GS32) Clarke
Regards to you both J and J .Like your pages - "good Stuff"
45 0139 28/8/99 - Richard Zarywacz, Reading, Berks.
A very informative and easy to use site. I wondered about the H van when I passed the yard. I've been attracted to them for ages.
44 1923 7/8/99 - Pat Welch, Bournemouth, Dorset
I am an ex LT Bus driver working from Harrow Weald shed in the early seventies. It is good to see RT and RF restored as I drove them both. Alough never having driven the RLH, I would dearly love to see one again.The SMS and the MB were no match for the old uns. Thanks for the site. Loved it, regards PAT
43 1243 5/6/99 - Katy Thompson, London
I am a teacher at a boys school in Watford. We put on a play every summer and it's not limited to the stage! We are setting this year's extravaganza in the 1930's and would love some kind vintage owners to lend us their cars or buses for the 3 evenings of our play. If anyone knows of anything remotely connected to this please let me know. Yours gratefully, Katy:)
42 1739 16/5/99 - David Stevenson, Worcester, Worcs.
Visited this site in the presence of one Terry Torch, well known bus afficionado.
41 2214 22/4/99 - Stephen Thoroughgood, Gillingham, Kent
Loved the web site! Keep up the good work. Having only just joined the legion of 'netties', I was pleased to find that sites like this DO exist. At the risk of being branded a 'spammer' (whatever that term may mean), I'm after anything to do with Margo's of Bexleyheath (aka Bexleyheath Transport) in connection with a book I'm writing and hope to have published soon - usual things like photos (mainly early 'seventies) and personal recollections etc. Best wishes to all.
40 1505 15/4/99 - Mark Whitehead, Adelaide, Sth Australia
Hi. I am a bus nut in the land downunder. I drive buses here nearly 15 years. I have checked a few sites over the last year and yours is a good one. We have two RTs here of which I one day would like to own. Great site, no RMs though never mind. Bye for now.
39 0024 2/4/99 - Ian Fuller, Santa Clara, California, USA
Thanks for letting me know about the new URL. I will update the link on my site. Your site looks excellent and the performance is far better - even over the Atlantic from sunny California. Best wishes
38 1833 2/3/99 - Stephen Farley, Canterbury, Kent
I enjoyed the site and forgot why I visited. I am looking for the livery of Maidstone & District double deckers in the 1950's I know they were green and cream but it is the proportion that I cannot remember. I have a few 'OO' scale buses that I want to livery for my model railway. (It takes all kinds you know!!) Best wishes, Steve
37 0126 24/2/99 - Andy Pendleton, Liverpool, Merseyside
Great site, good luck with your presevation projects. My webpage is about the preservation group I'm in. All the best, Andy.
36 1837 22/2/99 - Derek Perry, Harrow, Middlesex
Just intrigued, as a bus enthusiast working in Harrow, to find someone perhaps not so far away who also collects buses. Except that mine fit on a wndowsill!
35 0857 21/2/99 - Francis Richards
Hi Guys, I own RT4442. Off the road at present for dome and roof repairs prior to repaint. I have obtained NEW Crossply tyres and have a supplier who can get more (about 120 each) also found a man who can do gearbox bits. I need air seals and thrust bearings for RT swivel pins for a man in France.
34 1623 30/1/99 - Dave Jones, Romford, Essex
A very pleasant site to visit, you can almost smell the distincitive whiff of an LT garage!! Well done and keep up the good work, I'll no doubt visit again.
33 0013 17/1/99 - Eddie Knorn, Royston, Herts
John, Firstly an official "Thank You" for the 1998 Christmas Lights Tour. As you are no doubt already aware I have a particular interest in London buses of the 1970s. My fleet currently comprises of RMC1476 (part-owned) which is currently in NBC light green but with LT roundels, presented as an LT trainer, but ultimately destined to become a representative of the class in 1970s LCBS condition, also DMS1898 which is in the queue for attantion, hopefully to appear one day as it would have done when based at Potters Bar garage for rourte 84, RB134 which is a late 1970s Green Line coach, SNB312 which is a London Country Leyland National that I used to travel home from school on, and finally DM2646 which was, to my mind, the last "London" bus, presently it is having some work done, The IVECO engine has gone and it is back to being a Leyland, but the bodywork is in need of much repair. One day it will hopefully appear in the Shillibeer colours that made it unique. I do like older LT buses and take great delight in driving Routemasters, RTs, RFs and even the LT Museum GS. Last year I had a test drive in DMS1, and this coming year I hope to try an RTW! Keep LT's heritage alive!
32 0042 11/1/99 - Robert, Harrow, Middx.
Nice interesting site recalling the golden years of London Transport also with a local twist.
31 1736 8/1/99 - Steven David, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
An absolutely great site! Unfortunately I am very new to computers and the like and have difficuly downloading items that require anything like WinZip and the likes. I hope to eventually get the knack of it to further appreciate your free downloads and information. Keep up this excellent site. Ding Ding!!!
30 2258 1/1/99 - Barry Emmott, Pinner, Middx
I love anything to do with road or rail transport and was delighted to find your site which I'm now exploring and I hope to contact you again
29 2143 25/12/98 - Richard Cains, Lee, London.SE12
I like the revamped site,it is very well laid out and informative.I belong to the RM8 Club so share the interest. I've bookmarked the site and will check back often.
28 2036 21/12/98 - Nigel Adams, Wellingborough, Northants
Am very impressed with your page. I am also a dedicated enthusiast, and look forward to seeing you at future events.
27 1412 13/12/98 - Mark Whitehead, Adelaide, South Australia
Hi, how's life? Great site, the more I search the better it gets. This is a good one, nice to meet you all. I am a driver here in Adelaide but love the good old RM & RT. Nice to find this info. Bye for now..
26 0609 28/11/98 - John Rye, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Thank you for your site and for your hard work.It's interesting to see how far around the world people come to visit.
25 1338 14/11/98 - Michael Narduzzo, Tring, Herts
Great web page, congratulations, I have sat here for 15 minutes enjoying every page.
24 0331 21/10/98 - Dan Therrell, Palestine, Texas, U.S.A.
Hi! I'm a mechanic getting more and more interested in the history of RT's all the time. I have met and spoken to several very helpful Englishmen! Two friends of mine bought 3 RT's 2 Saunders and a Park Royal, We have gotten 2 of them running and are going to parade one this coming weekend ! Anybody that can help me on-line while I'm waiting for some hardcopy would surely be appreciated. Currently we have problems adjusting gearboxes properly, getting the proper fuel settings and rpm's, and of course the dreaded electric. Anybody with parts contacts please let Me know too! Of course if I can be of any help I'll try that to THANKS Dan
23 2203 5/10/98 - Nigel Adams, Luton, Beds
Very good site John, Good to see you at Amersham yesterday although could not say hello as you were driving..
22 1517 8/8/98 - John Clarke, of GS32 Fame
Greetings - hope to see you at Boshers Bash Tomorrow.
21 0653 2/8/98 - Sal DeSimone, Bernhards Bay, NY, USA
I own a 1958 Leyland Titan PD3/4 that I am restoring in LasVegas NV and would like advice on how to increase speed above 35MPH. Rear axle ratio is 6.25 to 1. Also, is it possible to upgrade or convert troublesome CAV 24VDC Starter to 12VDC or a more reliable newer configuration? Thanks
20 1154 27/7/98 - Colin P Wilmshurst, Porirua, New Zealand
My "bro" will be in raptures when I tell him about this page - he's right into British buses, especially LT (books, models, etc.). We'll both be visiting frequently ... what a find!!! Great going guys!!
19 1833 16/7/98 - Mark Labardee, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Hello, great site, I have a RT, 2456 that I have made into a traveling coffee shop. I do many local events around the area and currently the starter is not working and the reverse is out, the other 1-3 gears are fine. I need manuals and name, phone, and address to get parts badly, so I can get back on the road. It has a Southall engine, straight six diesel. Thanks in Advance for your help. Mark
18 0339 30/6/98 - Kelly Hinegardneer, Crollton, Texas, USA
Interesting site. been trying to find info on the Beardmore Taxies. Anyone out there that could tell me where to look for info on the Beardmore? thanks. Au Revoir. Kelly
17 0619 29/6/98 - Chris Bromlow, El Reno, Oklahoma, USA
I just purchased a 1959 Bristol Lodekka Bus that I would like to restore for local town functions. If anyone has any tips, manuals or other information it would be greatly appreciated! The chassis # is 150142 and the body # is 10807. It currently is not running and is in fair physical shape. Thanks for any help!
16 2021 15/6/98 - Jonathan LCBS Wilkins, Deganwy, Cymru
Interesting pages. Did you attend Luton this year. I don't recognise any of your vehicles, I was marshalling buses for Nigel. Our own joint project isn't drivable yet. Maybe you already know my pages from the Cobham Bus magazine. Keep up the good work!
15 1836 17/5/98 - Michael Neal, 4070 Randaberg, Norway
Great! It revived many memories for me. I was a bus driver 1973-1979. I learned to drive a bus on an RT and drove them quite a bit in service. I worked at Alperton, Tring (London Country), Holloway and finally Harrow Weald garages. I drove RFs at Tring. I joined the Met. Police in 1979 and remember well your RF453. If you can manage it, what about some pictures of the insides of the driver's cabs and other interior shots. It's something we don't see much of on the net. Keep up the good work!
14 2328 14/5/98 - Wendy Keen, Welling, Kent
(On behalf of my husband Bill Keen, a (medically) retired LT driver with over 20yrs experience, Welling, Kent)We're celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary on 24th of May, and this page is probably going to be the cause of our first big argument in all that time. My husband, although now disabled, collects ANYTHING to do with buses ... books, models, bits of buses, we even have a 'dolly' stop on our landing (where other people would usually put a pot plant!). When he sees this Web site, he's going to want to take over my computer! I know he's going to love it, as the RT bus always was and still is his favourite. He has over 150 bus books, hundreds of models, and a bus seat which he uses as a small settee in his bedroom. We have two bus steering wheels on the bedroom wall. Oh well, I suppose I'd better make the ultimate sacrifice and let him know about this page. Honestly, it's brilliant, and Bill is going to go 'bananas' when he sees it!
13 0746 25/4/98 - Ian Fuller, Santa Clara, California, USA
I was very pleased to see your site on RT buses. I lived in England until 1984 and the RT was always a favourite of mine. I visited the University of California, Davis (near the state capital, Sacramento) last weekend. Apart from being an attractive campus, they also run a number of ex-London Transport RTs in daily service. "Unitrans" is a student-run organization that has been running the vehicles for 30 years. Have you heard of them? They claim to have RTL 1014, the oldest functioning example of its type in the world, operating in revenue service on a regular basis. I have some photographs if you're interested.
12 1958 9/4/98 - Peter Rendell, Wellington, New Zealand
Hi - nice site - I'll mention to my friends at Ferrymead (Christchurch) who have RT3132 that you have transfers etc - they are doing a pretty major restoration at present. I publish NZ's only bus magazine - Omnibus Bulletin or OB as its known in honour of elderly Bedfords or the makers of our original trolleybus overhead. I'm also preservation officer for our local museum - if you are a member of the AEC Society, John Goulding has mentioned us in his recent saga.
11 1954 29/3/98 - Wendy Conway, London, England
I have just discovered your excellent site. I love the layout, and particularly enjoyed the RT and RF sections. Keep up the good work, I will visit again soon.
10 1245 23/3/98 - Alan Cooper, Stevenage, UK
A very interesting site which is well presented and laid out. How about a listing of all RT's and RF's in preservation and who owns them e.g.. RF 453 MXX 430 G+J HINSON,WEALDSTONE. GOOD IDEA?
9 1041 12/3/98 - Barry Bartlett, Ngaruawahia, New Zealand
I may well have used your RT as I used to go to school on a 29! We only lived a few hundred yards from Wood Green garage. My brother was the bus fanatic and had two RTs at one time. I will write (He's there) and tell him about you.
8 0211 12/3/98 - Al Pennino, Tyngsborough (Mass.), USA
Great site. There are not enough sites on vintage heavy vehicles, even here in the USA. It's time to stick together, for if the gov't gets their way we'll have no hobby. It's probably the same there in the UK.
7 1447 11/3/98 - Routemaster, Northolt, UK
Found your site while trawling for links for Busworld the 1998 edition. Looks good I'll be back to check it out fully later.
6 1626 9/3/98 - Ruth, Norwich, UK
Very impressive. We will not get this far for many a year!
5 2204 7/3/98 - Richard Haughey, Cambridge, UK
Great site, will call again and will drop a link from our pages. keep up the good work regards Richard
4 0016 29/1/98 - Nick Webster, Essex, UK
Who said cyber space was vast? There your are, just ambling along and trying to stay low and wallop you bump into everyone you've ever met.
3 1643 26/12/97 - Alistair Malcolm, Horsham St Faith, UK
Do they come in bunches like bananas?
2 1450 21/12/97 - Mark Dales, London, UK
I thought it might be nice to be second! Always good to see more bus sites.
1 1639 14/12/97 - John Hinson, Wealdstone, Middx
Hi! Just to get everybody started, I thought I'd sign my own guest book! Happy hunting . . . JH

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