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555 2241 25/7/17 - les bustin, belton gt yarmouth, Norfolk
really interesting stuff, good to see all of these people doing so much preservation.
554 1948 07/6/17 - PETER TERRY, Croydon, Surrey
Great Site....So much information..Thankyou
553 1259 07/5/17 - Rod Chunn, Mitcham, Surrey
Interesting site. I love LT buses from the Fifties
552 0852 06/8/16 - John, Childs, Devon
Hi, I started at Palmers Green Garage in July 1971 which had RTs and RMs only. After a short while on spare duties I went onto the Route 102 and 298A rota until 1977 when B20 DMS arrived I hated One man operation and became an Inspector in 1982. I loved the RTs and my favourite buses were RT3258 and RT 3228 ( which is now preserved ) as these had higher ratio gearboxes as they were ex Green Line buses and were slightly faster especially on the North Circular Road.
551 1019 09/7/16 - Roy Coombs, Garthorpe, North Lincolnshire
I started working for London Transport at Plumstead (AM) in 1964 as a conductor. Then to New Cross (NX)as a driver then Revenue Inspector then Road inspector then Garage Inspector at Catford (TL)then involved in the Opal project then made redundent after completion two years later back to Catford as a driver
550 0042 02/6/16 - Colin Lill, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire
Hi Is there anyone who remembers me from my time with London Country Bus Services Ltd.I started as a conductor in June 1970 and went to Garston in April 1976 as a Depot Inspector.Many drivers I still remember and what they are doing now. Best Wishes Colin
537 1120 23/7/14 - brian russell, putney, england
a very good site
535 1617 27/6/14 - JOHN DAWSON, Albacete, Spain
Previous Member of RTW 467 Group. good to see many old friends still owning there own vehicles.
528 1932 01/1/14 - Alan, London N8
Nice site, spent awhile here reminiscing.
527 0609 29/12/13 - tim roche, sydney, nsw australia
Have found some more information about British buses in New Zealand. in Christchurch (south island)they are still rebuilding after the earthquake three years ago and doing a great job by all accounts. They have three immaculate Routemaster buses on tour work there, RM 1670, RML 2724, and a open top RM, id not known.
526 0259 28/11/13 - Mick Parsons,, Orillia,, Ontario, Canada.
Hi all, Once again my better half and myself had the chance to spend a very interesting day out with John and Gill on their RF 433 at showbus this year[2013] and what fine host they turned out to be. Gill drove and we had a nice tour of Warwickshire on the way, the old lady[RF 433]was on her best behavior and apart from looking at the various buses we also had a bus ride into Stratford On Avon with a rather nice meal to finish the day off in Stony Stratford. It was a good day out with some real good people and good friends for which I must say thank you to John and Gill from Pat and myself for looking after their fleet and especially my old steed[RF 433]from my LT days, and being given the chance to ride with them once more. I hope that we one day can do it all again. Thanks for what the both of you do and the care you give for so much pleasure to so many people. Lots of regards Pat and Michael.
525 2004 05/11/13 - Norman Long, LITTLEHAMPTON, West Sussex
Hi...As an ex LT driver at New Cross and Walworth between 1975/78, I am very pleased to see one of the DMS's that I drove on route 12 and 45 that is DMS 1069. I have only just discovered this website as it was mentioned today on site SCT 61 re: your list of LT garage Codes. This is a super website, nice photos etc...very well done. I will keep watching with interest. What I wouldn't give to drive a bus regrets...the best job I ever had!!!
Just called by to check on progress with fondly remembered DL 9706. I was delighted to see that so much progress had been made and that at last there's light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for undertaking this daunting restoration and good luck with it.
519 1342 09/6/13 - John Kappler, Oxfordshire
Found your site quite by accident and then "found" RF433! My mother was a clippie at West Green Garage and, when working the 233 route, would take me to Northumberland Park (to Trainspot!) and collect me one or more return trips later. Glad that one found a home. Happy Memories...
514 1153 29/5/13 - Richard Gilbert, Guyhirn, Cambridgeshire
Brought up in London, travelling on RT's daily then, the bus and underground transport are the only thing I miss.
510 1241 15/3/13 - Dennis Haydonup , Upholland Skelmersdale, Lancs
I worked for London transport late sixtys,based at Sidcup garage, I was on routes 21 21A 51 51A 229 228 161.That was a good time, I still have all my diarys with all the routes sp nos ect. Fond memeries.
509 1024 27/1/13 - Bob Hughes, Holbeach, Lincs
As a very long fan of London buses its nice to see so many buses ex LT still preserved cannot beat a ride on a RT or RM much better than todays buses
507 2030 08/12/12 - Bill Armstrong, Kidderminster, Worcestershire
Great site and I'd appreciate hearing from other enthusiasts (though steam railway engines are my first mechanical love). Even though I was six when I last travelled on one, double-deck LTs remain my favourite bus, followed by STs (routes 12 and 75) and how disappointed I was when an STL was on the 75 (!) and even more so when RTs appeared, though they are a superb bus. Until replaced by RTLs and then RTs, my journeys to and from school were on Ds (rarely an STL)on route 80A. Home for dinner on the 435 (10T10, rarely 9T9)and then back on a D.

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