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Can anybody help with pre-decimal farecharts for the following routes? A4 or full-sized are fine, can copy a loaned one or would happily purchase.

Routes needed to go with our blinds/plates:
14 140 158 209 
343 356 382 440A 480


At the Potters Bar garage open day, there was a remarkably large gathering of RT-class buses – we counted nine. I think this was more by coincidence than design, for the record they were:
RT113, RT1702, RT1784, RT2084, RT3254, RT3775, RT4317, RTL139 and RTW467.
The latter two were giving free rides on local routes.

We were amazed to find on one sales stall the original chassis plate for RF433. This was missing when we bought the bus and I had to fit a home-made replacement as an MoT requirement. A wonderful discovery, but I rather resented having to pay £12 to retrieve what was obviously stolen goods!