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RF280 is now repainted, but there is much work to do to prepare it for use on the 2020 rally season. 2020 is of course the 90th Anniversary of Green Line aswell as the 50th Anniversary of London Country Bus Services and we hope to particpate in special events  organised to commemorate these.

Dennis Lancet DL 9706 has returned from clutch repair with engine damage. It seems we can always see the light at the end of the tunnel but can’t quite get there! Work is under way.


We have not attended many events in 2019 owing to getting behind with maintenance owing to other (non-bus) pressures on our time. However, in late summer we made a concerted effort to deal with some major work and are pleased to say that on the 11th November, RT4275 returned to the road after some major repairs to the air system and will be appearing at the Route 140 Running Day at Harrow on the 23rd. Major work on RF280 and DL9706 continues.


We have now organised our plans for the year’s events for 2019 – see our Diary page. Almost all of our buses await their annual service or minor repairs so we have yet to decide which vehicles attend each of the listed events.


We did not have a very good year in 2018 and a range of personal circumstances prevented attendance at many events. We hope to get the vehicles out rather more in 2019 but we cannot yet be certain all will go smoothly. We have chalked in some plans on the Diary page.

There are a couple of important RT and RF anniversaries coming up in March, if we are to get to those we have a lot of work to do.


Can anybody help with pre-decimal farecharts for the following routes? A4 or full-sized are fine, can copy a loaned one or would happily purchase.

Routes needed to go with our blinds/plates:
14 140 158 209 
343 356 382 440A 480


At the Potters Bar garage open day, there was a remarkably large gathering of RT-class buses – we counted nine. I think this was more by coincidence than design, for the record they were:
RT113, RT1702, RT1784, RT2084, RT3254, RT3775, RT4317, RTL139 and RTW467.
The latter two were giving free rides on local routes.

We were amazed to find on one sales stall the original chassis plate for RF433. This was missing when we bought the bus and I had to fit a home-made replacement as an MoT requirement. A wonderful discovery, but I rather resented having to pay £12 to retrieve what was obviously stolen goods!