7/8/06 Harrow

Route 136 40th Anniversary

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the introduction of route 136, along what was then unserved ground, three RFs gathered at Harrow Weald garage to run along the route.

Inside the garage at Harrow Weald, courtesy Metroline.
Photo: J Hinson

Parked up at the rear of Harrow Weald garage. RF453 sits between RF491 & RF486. 
Photo: J Hinson

Waiting at my specially-made dolly stop at Harrow Met station. 
Photo: J Hinson

I’m sure bunching like this was rare on the 136! Three vehicles represents the entire peak-hour allocation to the route in its day.
Photo: J Hinson

Always another one behind!
Photo: J Hinson

RF453 departs the garage and heads for home at the end of the day.
Photo: M C Lane