30/3/19 Barking

“RT80” Anniversary Event

This event commemorated two major anniversaries of the RT type – it was 80 years since the famous class was introduced, and forty years since the last was withdrawn from London service (on route 62). The last garage to operate the type was Barking and Stagecoach kindly made the garage available for the day. Go Ahead also made their River Road garage available for RTs in other liveries, plus other types, to be displayed.

The displays at Barking were intended to be that the garage yard would contain all of the RTs in the later all-red livery but it didn’t quite work out that way. We didn’t mind our two RTs being parked together, though!

A line of RTs (plus an imposter) on display inside Barking garage – RT2083, RT113, RT4317, RM7 and RT4275 behind RT1784.  
Photo: J Hinson

A closer view of our RT4275 inside the garage at Barking. This event was its first public outing since restoration to London Transport livery. 
Photo: J Hinson

Our RT1784 was also displayed inside Barking garage.
Photo: J Hinson

The plan was to raise RT2129 on lifts for inspection but perhaps the garage roof hadn’t been considered?
Photo: J Hinson

Line-up of RTs at Barking – left to right are RT2911, RT714, RT3775, RT961, RT4424, RT4772, RT542 and RT4548. Those with the lights on the roofs have been re-imported from Canada.
  Photo: J Hinson

In the afternoon, our two RTs went out on a short trip for photographers to Little Heath, a terminus of route 62 in earlier days.

RT4275 posed in front of the former Haw Bush public house at Little Heath, the one-time terminus of route 62. Unfortunately traffic queues rather spoilt the picture, as did the direction of the sun!
   Photo: J Hinson

RT1784 lurks at the departure stop at Little Heath   Photo: J Hinson

RT1784 approaching Barking garage, from Little Heath
Photo: N Eadon-Clarke

RT4275 arriving at Barking from Little Heath Photo: N Eadon Clarke

There was much activity at River Road garage too, although we ourselves didn’t have time to visit there. RTs not in Central area colours were displayed there, along with RFs and other types – some of which operated local services.

Amongst the RTs at River Road were green RT604 and RT593, along with Blue Triangle-liveried RT2799 and Brown’s Blue liveried RT1347.
Photo: N Eadon Clarke

RF600 and RF113 were working Green Line routes from River Road, whilst almost out of shot is RF518 working Barking’s erstwhile RF route 291. Photo: N Eadon Clarke

At the end of the day, 29 RTs formed a cavalcade into Barking town centre and back.

RT1784 is still heading towards Barking whilst RT1 leads the convoy in the other direction.
Photo: K Valla

Apparently the grand total of RT family vehicles present was 50, this was a fantastic achievement. We think it is the best event we have participated in since we bought our first bus in 1983.