27/8/18 Blenheim Palace

Our Riley car took a trip out to Oxfordshire to participate in a classic car event in the grounds of Blenheim Palace.

Our OWU 103 shares the line of pre-1960 vehicles, sandwiched between an Austin 7 and a BMW Isetta bubble car.      J Hinson

Bt coincidence, another Riley RM was present. EVJ 29 is an early RMA type, and it was interesting to compare the detail differences.      J Hinson

645 UYU is a Fiat 600, an interesting variation from the more common (later) 500 model.     J Hinson

This Standard 8 drophead (FLM 93) was unkindly (but perhaps understandably) described as a Noddy Car by the commentator.      J Hinson

In the 1960s line-up, Humber Hawk saloon 413 CGN holds prime position.      J Hinson

I think this pillion-riding passenger has been sitting there a bit too long!      J Hinson