24/6/07 Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead
Running Day

A regular event for some years was held at Hemel Hempstead, based at the now-closed bus station. RT1874 was based here for a short while in 1963 (in red livery) so it seemed very appropriate to participate.

The bus station at Hemel Hempstead was packed with former London buses offering free rides. Rt1784 is centre-stage.    J Hinson

RT1784 waits at Leverstock Green after a short run out on route 330.      J Hinson

RT1784 waits departure from Watford town centre on the 347 to Hemel Hempstead.     J Hinson

RF486 (MXX 463) on the stand at Berkhamsted having worked in via the 317A, with RT1784 behind on the 312.     J Hinson

Hmmmm. We were scheduled to stand there …    J Hinson

A line of buses re-create works departure time at the site of Apsley paper mills. In the lead is RT604 (HLX 421) in London Country colours.      J Hinson