24/4/16 Towcester

FBHVC Drive-It Day Run

We organised a run on the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs’ Drive-It Day from our base to Jack’s Hill CafĂ© at Towcester. Six vehicles came along for a greasy breakfast.

At Towcester, left to right, are London Transport RF280 (MLL 817), RT1784 (KYY 622), Northampton Daimler CVG6 154 (ANH 154), Northampton Daimler CVG6 267 (JVV 267G), Provincial Leyland National HOR 413L and London Transport RML2391 (CUV 391C)
Photo: J Hinson

The same vehicles are seen from the other side – in a rare moment of sunshine. Any lorries in the pictures are there purely by coincidence – it is a lorry park after all!
Photo: J Hinson