2/9/07 Stratford-on-Avon

60th Anniversary of the H Van

H vans galore assembled at Stratford-on-Avon racecourse to celebrate 50 years of the Citroën H.

Our HCZ 1850 at Stratford      J Hinson

VSJ 173 with a longer ECO 432C in the background.      J Hinson

VSJ 173 using the back door as a display hatch. J Hinson

LFF 612. J Hinson

Also available in blue! MWV 193J.      J Hinson

Nicely sign-written long-wheelbase OBP 151E.      J Hinson

BRX 488T doesn’t seem sure what colour it is – but I can think of some uses for that loudspeaker!      J Hinson

No need to go hungry – BJA 341K is serving pizza.      J Hinson

And HAX 124C is serving chocolate.      J Hinson

Pompiers! LRN 649N.      J Hinson

PGF 158K avec bicyclette.     J Hinson