16/4/06 Hackney Marshes

Hackney Marshes
Route 236 Running Day

This event was based at Waterdon Road garage, Hackneym with RFs working over route 236, plus some other types on their own routes.

RFs and others lined up for service at Waterdon Road garage  J Hinson

Another view at Waterdon Road  J Hinson

RF433 bound for Highbury New Park (allegedly) at Hackney. I think we were actually bound for Mildmay Park but that destination blind did not ever include that display.
J Hinson

Our two RFs are parked up in Leyton garage for lunch-break  J Hinson

And where better to have lunch than in the staff canteen at Leyton garage?  G Hinson

RF433 lays over on the “offside” stand at Mildmay Park before a garage run over the 236.  J Hinson

RF453 and RF 433 wait on the stand at Dalston.  J Hinson