12/8/07 Woburn Abbey

Woburn Abbey
Chiltern VPG Rally

The Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group’s annual rally was held at Woburn Abbey for some years, and in 2007 we took RT1784 along.

RT1784 parked up in the grounds of Woburn Abbey, with RML2412 (JJD 412D) alongside.      J Hinson

London Transport CR16 (FXT 122) in Country Area livery but dressed for Central Area service, as they worked during World War II vehicle shortages.      J Hinson

Eastern National 350 (573 UYX) is a Bristol MW of 1961 in dual-purpose livery.      J Hinson

Another Bristol MW present was Crosville CMG434 (815 XFM), a coach dating from 1962.      J Hinson