11/9/16 Stoke Bruerne

Stoke Buerne
Village at War weekend

Our Dennis Lancet’s first public outing was the Village at War weekend at Stoke Bruerne.

Our Dennis was parked at the top end of the field – 11/9/16  J Hinson

A nice feature of the Village at War weekend is that everybody is encouraged to wear period dress – 11/9/16.  J Hinson

There was a range of all types of vehicle from the period – three of the smaller vehicles present were van APP 604, RSJ 587 and RV2811 – 11/9/16  J Hinson

Three smart gentlemen converse at Stoke Bruerne 11/9/16.  J Hinson

This young lady asked to be photographed on the Dennis – 11/9/16.  J Hinson