10/5/17 Victoria to Abridge

Victoria to Abridge
“Postwar RT70” Route 10 run

To celebrate to 70th anniversary of the introduction of the post-war RT type with London Transport, a road run was arranged for RT3-type vehicles over their first route.

Prior to the run, vehicles assembled at Stockwell garage. RT190 (left) and RT1784.  J Hinson

Victoria bus station was taken over for a few minutes, though the kindness of TFL, 10/5/17. Left to right are RT1705, RT190 and RT1784.
J Hinson

Vehicle pause before arrival at Abridge, 10/5/17. RT1784 leads RT190, RT1705, RT1 (substitting for an RT3 from the London Bus Museum) and RT191. The remaining vehicles are unofficial hangers-on.  J Hinson

The three RT3s in the entrance of Leyton garage.  J Hinson

Line-up of various RTs inside Leyton garage, left to right are RT190, RT1784, RT1700, RT191 and RT3871.  J Hinson