1/8/15 Windsor to Tunbridge Wells

Windsor to Tunbridge Wells
“Riding the 704” Run

For many years we had promised a friend who lives in Tunbridge Wells that we would take RF280 over route 704, and we finally did this in 2015.

At Windsor, RF280 is seen in much the same place as in the 1950s picture below.
Photo: J Hinson

RF 280 at the same place, c1956.
Photo: J Fozard

By amazing co-incidence we met up with RF679 at Victoria, which was (unknown to us) doing much the same as we were doing over but over route 703.
Photo: J Hinson

On the way down we stopped off at Bromley garage for lunch, by kind permission of Stagecoach. Some of their staff and their families came specially to see us.
Photo: J Hinson

Some of our friends on the trip.
Photo: J Hinson