28/7/18 Potters Bar

Potters Bar
Bus Garage Open Day

This was a very successful event this year, we are told, and raised £2400 for charity in just 5½ hours.

Inside the garage at Potters Bar is a tidy line of RTs, with our RT1784 nearest the camera, then Country Bus RT2084, Green Line RT3254 then Central buses RT4317 and RT3775.
Photo: J Hinson

Outside the garage we see Ni-Venture LK05 GFD, formerly Metroline TA638, with preserved RM1804 (804 DTE), RMC1497 (497 CLT) and RM70 (VLT 70)
Photo: J Hinson

Preserved BEA AEC Regal MkIV !½-decker coach MLL 738 was amongst the vehicles offering free rides.
Photo: J Hinson

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