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Citroën HZ72 Van
HCZ 1850

This French Citroën HZ72 van is one of the 473,289 to be built between 1947 and 1982 in France, Belgium and Holland.

This particular example was built in 1977, and was registered 8147 RV 67. It was imported to the UK in 1993 and given the UK registration YKO 475S. In 2001, it was re-registered HZC 1850.

HCZ 1850 20/5/11
J Hinson

It was purchased by Gill & John Hinson in November 2001 and serves both as an interesting historic vehicle and as useful occasional transport for bus spares.

More information on HCZ 1850

Riley RME
OWU 103

The Riley RM type was introduced in 1945 as an executive car. Although manufactured post-war, it embodied many features more commonly found on pre-war vehicles, such as wooden framing and could be seen as a logical development of the Riley Kestrel and Riley Continental.

Various types were produced, the RME being a later version of the RMA 1½ litre engined saloon and was produced from 1952 to 1955.

  • RMA – Saloon 1945-1952, 1½ litre engine
  • RMB – Saloon 1946-1952, 2½ litre engine
  • RMC – Roadster 1948-1951, 2½ litre engine
  • RMD – Cabriolet 1949-1951, 2½ litre engine
  • RME – Saloon 1952-1955, 1½ litre engine
  • RMF – Saloon 1952-1955, 2½ litre engine

The RME and RMF types were superseded by the more modern-looking 1953 Riley Pathfinder, often referred to as the “RMH”.

Riley RME OWU 103, photographed 1/8/17
Photo: J Hinson

Our example, OWU 103, was built in 1954 and incorporates all small changes that took place during the production run, being one of the final batch of 80 built.

It was purchased by Gill Hinson in August 2017.

More information on OWU 103

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