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The Survivors

The ones that got away

This section lists former London Transport and London Country buses that have escaped the scrap-man and survive with new owners. Many of these, especially the older vehicles, are now in "preservation", whether in museums, actively attending rallies or awaiting restoration. Others are in use as caravans, lorries, school buses or whatever, whilst some of course are still in active service but with a new owner.

In the case of more modern classes, where large numbers are still operational, only the preserved vehicles are listed.

These notes are based on my records that I started many years ago, and have been supplemented by information from rally programmes, reports and observations. Several people have corresponded through this web site, this help is credited below.

It is impossible to produce a 100% accurate listing on a subject such as this, for vehicles are always changing hands. It is regularly updated, often weekly, and new entries are suitably identified for regular visitors to these pages.

Many buses just disappear, and many vehicles will be found listed in books as "preserved" when they were probably actually scrapped many years ago when the owners may have lost interest. As a "rule of thumb", any vehicle not seen since before 1980 is not listed here. Nevertheless, the odd one of these may surface in the future.

A few owners are sensitive about their ownership being published, and in a few cases I have described ownership as "xxxx Preservation Group" for their benefit.

I would be very pleased to receive additional reports and comments.

All sections of these pages have now been completed, and are as follows:

I know there will always be changes and additions to make to these pages. Please let me know of any information that may be of help.

Many thanks to:
Maurice Bateman, Mike Dawes, Steve Jones, Dan Morelli ,Ian Smith and Paul Watson
who have helped by supplying information to update these pages.

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