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LCBS Swift still at work

Ex-London Country Bus Services SM498 (DPD 498J) has been sighted twice recently (July 1998) on the A41 in Hertfordshire late at night.

It is coloured dark blue and white and seems quite happy to cruise along at 50-55 mph. On the second occasion, it appeared to be in convoy with a large van. Both vehicles appeared to have an unusual vertical contraption on the back - possibly a towing hook.

The last record I have of SM498 was as a film location catering vehicle with Livingston's of Shepperton as long ago as 1988. My guess is that it still serves as a catering vehicle but possibly in connection with overnight motorway repairs.

On the second occasion the SM was seen, it proceeded south as far as the Watford By-pass (surprisingly ignoring the M25) and took to the North Orbital Road towards St. Albans.

Where had it come from, and where was it going?

Kevin McGowan, who owned SMS369 wrote to say that the last owner of SM498 that he can trace was Willy's Wheels, based at Hersham, and that a Merlin and a Swift can often be seen there.

But Matthew Kyle wrote:
"There are lots of former PSV's at the defunct Leavesden Studios in North Watford. This may be one of them. You can view the vehicles from South Way in Abbots Langley, although details are difficult to make out."

Matthew's comments fit with the apparent destination of the bus - so a special thankyou for that.

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