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London Transport (Central Area) RMLs

A selection of photographs taken in the early 1970's.

RML883 at London Bridge bus station
RML883 stands at London Bridge bus station between runs on route 43. Its next journey takes it to Muswell Hill, Hampden Road, which is the destination for vehicles running into Muswell Hill garage.


RML2302 at Piccadilly Circus
RML 2302 elbows is way through the pedestrians at Piccadilly Circus. It wears overall advertising for the Evening Standard newspaper. To the right can be seen an inspector's car.


RML2701 at Aldwych.
RML2701 lays over at the Aldwych, whilst operating on route 15 from Upton park garage. The overall advertising for Tartan beer must have been a sign-writer's nightmare.


Photographs © John Hinson

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