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Green Line RFs

A selection of photographs taken in the early 1970's.

RF140 at Victoria.
RF140 calls at Eccleston Bridge coach station, Victoria, to pick up a few passengers whilst running from Dorking to St. Albans on route 712.


RF41 at North Finchley.
RF41 was built as a Green Line coach, but had been demoted to bus duties later in its career. On this day it had temporarily returned to Green Line duties, deputising for a modern RP class coach on route 716. This view shows the vehicle navigating the one-way system at North Finchley whist heading for Hitchin - not Chertsey as the blind suggests!


RF81 at Victoria.
Although RF81 had received the modern styling for Green Line work, it had also been formally demoted to bus duties. But it is back on Green Line service here, calling at Eccleston Bridge coach station, Victoria.


Photographs © John Hinson

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