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Country Bus RFs

A selection of photographs taken in the early 1970's.

RF61 at St Albans.
One-time Green Line RF61 is parked in the bus station outside St. Albans garage whilst between duties on route 382 which ran between here and Codicote.


RF194, RF675 and RF540 at Dorking.
In the back yard of Dorking garage, Green Line RF194 (left) has been working country bus route 439 which takes a circuitous journey around the back lanes from Redhill. RF675 (centre) made its previous journey on a short shuttle from the Chart Downs Estate on route 449, whilst RF540 (right) is keeping its last duty secret.


RF230 at Leatherhead.
There's a cheery smile from the driver of this former Green Line RF230 as he pulls out of Leatherhead to take duty on route 416 between here and Esher.


Photographs © John Hinson

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