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Central Area RFs

A selection of photographs taken in the early 1970's.

RF319 at Kingston.
RF319 is parked up between spells of work in the overflow yard for Kingston Garage, which was in the old railway coal yard across the road. The board on the side explains the minimum fares that apply at the Kingston end of toute 218 to Staines, whereby short-journey passengers are discouraged from using the low-capacity buses when alternative double-deck routes exist.


RF524 with DMS1357 at Uxbridge.
A rather grubby RF525 is dwarfed by a very smart DMS1357, which had only been in service for a week.


RF530 at Morden.
RF530 is squeezed into the bus station outside Morden station, between trips on route 80 into Surrey suburbia.


Photographs © John Hinson

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