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RT2929 in Canada


David Ballantine kindly sent this picture which he took when he visited EXPO86 in North Vancouver, Canada, during 1986.

It had been converted to an "RV" (recreational vehicle) which in the UK we would call a motor caravan. David report that it was a very high quality conversion and included a hot-water bath on the upper deck! It carries an Alberta registration as well as the original UK plates.

After sale by London Transport, the vehicle was sold to Brakell Omnibus Sales, of Richmond, Surrey. It was exported to Canada in May 1978 for "Alberta brides and Red Deer Studios", in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada for use as a sightseeing bus. It has not been established when they ceased using the vehicle or when it passed into the private ownership illustrated here.

Nor has any sighting of the vehicle been recorded since 1986 - all reports are welcome!

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