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The Paulerspury Bus

I am researching a bus service that once ran between Paulerspury and Northampton known only as "The Paulerspury Bus"..

In the early 1900s George Leonard Edwards of Paulerspury manufactured bicycles but it seems he had gone on to lorry operation carrying goods in the area. In 1919 he had a detachable 25-seat bus body built for a Daimler CC lorry (LH 9347) by the village carpenter (Mr Lepper) - this was actually a WW1 lorry conversion of a London bus. George Edwards home and operating base was at 8 Lumber Lane.

The bus was put to use on a Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday bus service to Northampton via Alderton, Stoke Bruerne, Roade and Wootton. No fleetname was carried and this was always known to local residents as just "The Paulerspury Bus". Over the years there were some variations in the route and a route to Wolverton also ran at one time.

Later vehicles used were a Morris Commercial (1928 to 1929), a GMC (1929 to 1934), and finally a Dennis Ace NV 4727 (1934 to 1952).

George Edwards retired in 1952, selling the business to Basford's Coaches of Greens Norton. The history of the Dennis Ace then becomes a puzzle - it is recorded as sold to Basford's but used only in emergency and its Road Fund Tax was allowed to expire later in 1952. It seems probable it remained at Lumber Lane because it was certainly there when 8 Lumber Lane was owned by Harry Tew. My doctor (at the surgery next door) knew Harry well and the bus was mentioned although he was not one of the many people in the village that had actually seen it.

Harry died 22/11/95 and the disposal of the property was dealt with by his son - but nobody in the village knows where the bus went or what happened to it. It seems unlikely at such a late date that it didn't survive but it isn't mentioned in any preserved bus listings that I have studied.

The detachable top of the original lorry survives as a garden shed in Paulerspury, although not visible from any public access.

If anybody has any additional information, or even photographs, I would be really interested to make contact - you can contact me through the Home Page of this site.


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