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Mystery bus found in USA

Mystery Leyland

Here are two views of a Leyland double-decker discovered in the USA in 1998. It carries no identity.

Mystery Leyland

Maurice Bateman has kindly identified the bus from his records having carried the registration number DMS 483 originally. This reveals its history to be as follows:-

It is a Leyland PD2/3 dating from 1951, with chassis number 510819, fitted with a low-height double-deck body (with side gangway on upper deck) with seating for 27 downstairs and 26 upstairs. The rear-entrance body was manufactured by Alexander.

Its first owner was W Alexander & Sons of Falkirk, with whom it carried the fleet number RB 123. In May 1961, ownership was transferred to W Alexander & Sons (Northern) Ltd. of Aberdeen.

The vehicle was sold in September 1971 (along with several others in the fleet) to British Promotions of Boston, Massachusetts, USA who would appear to have been importing agents.

This vehicle was first noted in 1972 with the Red Barrel Pub in Essex (Essex being 45 minutes drive from Boston and near Manchester-by-the-Sea!) in the exact same position that it is seen here - if it has not turned a wheel since, it is in surprisingly good condition.

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