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Preserved Buses and MoT test exemption

Preserved buses and coaches are exempt from the need for a MoT test if the vehicle was manufactured or registered before 1st January 1960.

However, the V11 form sent to the owner by the DVLA at tax disc renewal time will generally include the statement "this vehicle needs an appropriate MoT test certificate" which has, understandably, misled some owners into believing their vehicle is not actually exempt.

Such vehicles require a form V112 (Declaration of exemption from MoT) to be completed, declaring that the vehicle is exempt as it falls into category "o" (vehicles manufactured or registered before 1st January 1960). If renewing at a Post Office, this form should be retained and presented each time at tax disc renewal although some Post Office counter staff will attempt to retain them. This isn't a major issue as a replacement form can easily be completed.

Form V112 is available on-line by following the link below.

Vehicles that have at some time lost their original registration documents and subsequently been re-registered may show a date later than 1960 as the registration date on the registration document. This needs to be changed by the DVLA to show the correct date and they should be contacted about this (contact details below).

Pre-1960 vehicles may be submitted for a voluntary MoT test if their owners choose to do so.

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