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Preserved Buses and MoT test exemption

New arrangements in force from 20th May 2018.

Buses with up to 8 seats (mini-buses):
Vehicles more than 40 years old, and not substantially changed since 1988, will be exempt from MoT test.

Buses with 8 or more seats:
Those used commercially and manufactured before 1960 will be exempt from MoT.
Those not used commercially that are over 40 years old, will be exempt from MoT.

In all cases, vehicles claiming exemption will have to declare their vehicle as a Vehicle of Historic Interest at road tax renewal time.

It would be wise to complete a form V112 if renewing at a Post Office. It is available on-line by following the link below.

Vehicles that have at some time lost their original registration documents and subsequently been re-registered may show a date later than 1960 as the registration date on the registration document. This needs to be changed by the DVLA to show the correct date and they should be contacted about this (contact details below).

Pre-1960 vehicles may be submitted for a voluntary MoT test if their owners choose to do so.

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I hate disclaimers, but it has to be said:
These notes were originally compiled in April 2018 and are believed to be both accurate and current, but should not be construed as legal advice. The interpretation of the law is a matter for the courts and is open to any individual to take legal advice on their behalf.

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