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The Survivors:

RLH class vehicles

Please note that this section of the web site is no longer being updated and is retained for reference only.

Classes: RLH

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Status Livery
C - caravan
K - cafeteria or restaurant
O - open-top coversion
P - preserved
R - restored
S - used on public service
U - unrestored or under restoration
UO - unknown owner
g - London Transport green
r - London Transport Red

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RLH 3 ZXK939
(KYY 503)
Oregon, USA
disused g
Located Santa Rosa, California
RLH 4 KYY 504 D Hinnchson
(vehicle located USA)
RLH 6 KYY 506 UO
Missouri, St Louis, USA
U r
RLH 7 KYY 507 R Wood
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

RLH 8 G 52 JAL
(KYY 508)
Saylorsburg. Philadelphia, USA
Hospitality vehicle
Blue-green livery
RLH 15 KYY 515 J Barron
Portland, Oregon, USA
(for sale 9/02)
RLH 18 263424
(KYY 518)
Gray Line Tours
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Derelict on public land at Saltairfor many years, but now gone - presume scrapped. (Can be seen in the background of a film recorded there "Silent Witness"?
RLH 20 KYY 520 Clark's Trading Post
Woodstock, New Hampshire, USA
blue livery
RLH 21 MXX 221 Red Rock Winery
Merced, California, USA
Not used r
RLH 22 MXX 222 Long Lines
Okoboji, Iowa, USA
(stored at Sargeant Bluff)
RLH 23 MXX 223 Timebus Travel
St Albans, Herts.
S r
RLH 24 MXX 224 M Ghidorzi
Basle, Switzerland
S r
RLH 25 MXX 225 Krewe of Kut-Ups
Port Arthur, Texas, USA
Not in use
RLH 26 MXX 226 J Webber (scrap dealer)
Kailua, Hawaii, USA
RLH 28 MXX 228 G Rickard
Borrego Springs, California, USA
PU r
RLH 29 MXX 229 D Pring
St Albans, Herts.
RLH 30 MXX 230 K Whitfield
Seattle, USA
RLH 32 MXX 232 Timebus Travel
St Albans, Herts.
PR Ledgard colours
RLH 33 MXX 233 J Webber (scrap dealer)
Kailua, Hawaii, USA
RLH 35 MXX 235 M Ghidorzi
Basel, Switzerland
Promotional r
RLH 36 MXX 236 J Webber (scrap dealer)
Kailua, Hawaii, USA
RLH 38 MXX 238 R Nix
RLH 39 MXX 239 McCulloch Realty
Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA
Promotional (yellow/brown livery)
Out of use awaiting replacement engine
RLH 41 651911
(MXX 241)
London Bus Co
Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
(RLH 44)
MXX 244 D Pring
St Albans, Herts.
Former London Country uniform store
RLH 45 GJ 3835
(MXX 245)
R Murdoch (Robbie’s Fun Bus)
New Zealand
RLH 46 MXX 246 UO
Langley, British Colombia, Canada
"RLH 58"
(RLH 45)
MXX 245 Museum of Transport & Technology of New Zealand
Western springs, New Zealand
RLH 46 MXX 246 Double decker Family Restaurants of Canada Restaurant
RLH 47 AEP 871
(MXX 247)
J Webber (scrap dealer)
Kailua, Hawaii, USA
RLH 48 MXX 248 R Proctor
Buckland Filleigh, Devon
PR g
RLH 50 PV 2431
(MXX 250)
L King
New Zealand
PU r
RLH 53 MXX 253 London Bus Museum
Weybridge, Surrey
PU r
RLH 54 K41313
(MXX 254)
Panorama SA
Brussels, Belgium
Shop and caravan
RLH 58 see RLH 45
RLH 60 MXX 260 D Green
Chula Vista, California, USA
Out of use
(stored in San Diego)
RLH 61 MXX 261 Ensignbus Museum
S r
RLH 62 MXX 262 J Pullen
Westminster, Maryland, USA
PU r
RLH 69 MXX 269 P Hobcraft (Bolebrook Castle)
Hartfield, Sussex
RLH 70 MXX 270 Jolly Knight Restaurant), Garden Grove, California, USA P r
RLH 71 MXX 271 R Wright (The London Bus Company) Rainham, Essex U
RLH 75 MXX 275 UO (scrap dealer)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
RLH 76 MXX 276 UO
Chassis only

Additional information kindly provided by
Ewen Pring at the RLH Bus Information Centre.

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