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The Survivors:

GS class buses

Please note that this section of the web site is no longer being updated and is retained for reference only.

Classes: GS

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Status Livery
C - caravan
K - cafeteria or restaurant
O - open-top coversion
P - preserved
R - restored
S - used on public service
U - unrestored or under restoration
UO - unknown owner
g - London Transport green
r - London Transport Red
sm - Southern Motorways
tv - Tillingbourne Valley
wb - West Bromwich

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GS 1 MXX 301 Model Road & Rail
Worcester Park, Surrey
PR g
GS 2 MXX 302 J Huxford
Ewell, Surrey
PR s
GS 6 MXX 306 UO
GS 10 LIJ 186
(MXX 310)
M Clewers
Antwerp, Belgium
GS 12 MXX 312 M Mantel
Walthamstow, London
PR g
GS 13 MXX 313 P Cartwright
High Wycombe, Bucks
PR g
GS 14 MXX 314 A Boulton
Coulsden, Surrey
P g
GS 15 MXX 315 B Speller
Bromley, Kent
PR g
GS 17 MXX 317 C Dobbing
Peterborough, The Soke
PR g
GS 19 MXX 319 P Hudgell
Tiverton, Devon
GS 26 MXX 326 T & G Bubb
Walderslade, Kent
PR g
GS 28 TGB 3811
( BSV 910)
(MXX 328)
GS 32 MXX 332 J Clarke
Aylesbury, Bucks
PR g
GS 34 MXX 334 London Bus Museum
Weybridge, Surrey
PR g
GS 36 MXX 336 P Dale
Sherborne, Dorset
PR g
GS 40 MXX 340 Messrs Fuller & Bennett
West Bromwich
PR wb
GS 42 MXX 342 G Heels
Ashtead, Surrey
PR g
GS 43 MXX 343 J Bowden
Bromley, Kent
GS 45 MXX 345 N Smith
Melksham, Wilts.
GS 50 MXX 350
(Q75 KUA)
(MXX 350)
M Atmore
(body of GS50 remounted on Ford chassis)
GS 52 MXX 352 V O'Sullivan
Hospital, Ireland
GS 54 MXX 354 Ms Pitchu
Shoreham, Sussex
GS 55 MXX 355 C Rivers
Ashford, Kent
GS 56 MXX 356 T Adams
Goudhurst, Kent
PR g
GS 60 MXX 360 R Wright (The London Bus Company)
Rainham, Essex
S g
GS 62 MXX 362 A Charman
East Grinstead, Sussex
PR g
GS 63 MXX 361
(MXX 363)
I Davies
Knighton, Herefords.
PR g
GS 64 MXX 364 London Transport Museum
Covent Garden, London
PR g
GS 67 MXX 367 R Gould
New Romney, Kent
P tv
GS 73 MXX 373 UO
Aspley Guise, Beds.
Chassis used as farm trailer, remainder scrapped.
GS 76 MXX 376 UO
GS 84 MXX 384 Mr Powell
Newport , Isle of Wight

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