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GS54 - a mobile home

GS54 under repair at High Wycombe, September 2000.

GS54 was spotted near High Wycombe during September 2000 undergoing repairs at the premises of Ward Jones Commercial Vehicles.

Although the vehicle does not bear (as some enthusiasts might wish) anything resembling London Transport livery, close examination reveals that the vehicle is actually in extremely fine condition. The quality of the paint finish and the general external condition is actually far superior to many preserved vehicles!

But it isn't a preserved vehicle, it is a working vehicle, and that really makes it more special. It has been converted to a motor caravan, and is in regular use as a home by its lady owner. Apparently, when travelling, a Morris Minor Traveller is towed behind, too!

Another view of GS54.

The internal condition is good, too. The entrance area and cab is very much in original condition, with old transfers and signs still present. The former saloon area has been wood-panelled and a cast iron stove ensures cosiness at all times.

In November 2000, the bus was sighted on the downs at Brighton and has subsequently been seen at other locations in the area. I wonder where it will show up next?

One cannot but commend the owner for keeping this vehicle alive and running in such fine fettle.

Photographs © John Hinson

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