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London Bus Garage Codes

Around 1913, the London General Omnibus Company introduced a series of letter codes to identify the garage to which the vehicle belonged. Initially, a single letter code was used, but as expansion took place two-letter codes were introduced.

This coding system continued in use through the London Transport era and some of the privatised portions still use these codes today.

Many of the codes have quite logical meanings, but many seem not to. In actual fact there was a method applied - after the single-letter codes had been consumed, the codes AB to AV were utilised, after which codes that related to the name were applied. Some of the latter may seem obscure, though.

Country area garage codes are shown in green.

Garage codes were originally displayed on the vehicles on a removable metal plate which also showed the running (or duty) number. These were superseded in 1928 by separate aluminium cut-out stencils for garage code and running number. Around 1960, the use of garage plates was officially discontinued and the codes painted on the vehicle - although the plates were still used for temporary loans etc.

The notes made here are based on my scribblings of the 1960's and 1970's, hence the lack of more recent information such as closure dates. This data will be added in due course - any help with this would be appreciated. Many thanks to all who have provided additional information.

However, I would make it clear that it is not my intention to cover codes introduced after the break-up of London Transport into smaller units in connection with privatisation.

Code Name Address Opened Closed Comments
A Albany Street Albany Street 1905 1916 Originally Vanguard - to LGOC 1908
A Sutton Bushey Rd 1924    
B Battersea Hester Rd 1906 1985 Originally London Road Car. - to LGOC 1908
Demolished 2000
C Athol Street
Athol St 1907 1961  
D Dalston Shrubland Rd by 1908 1981 Originally Pilot, then Vanguard - to LGOC 1908
E Acton     1925  
E Enfield Southbury Rd 1927   Used by London Public until 1929
Also known as Ponders End
F Fulham   ? by 1920  
F Farm Lane       see Y
F Putney Bridge High St ? 1958 Originally National - to LGOC 1920
G Forest Gate Green St 1906 1960 Originally Great Eastern - to LGOC 1911
Extanct 2003
H Hackney Well St 1911 1981 Demolished
J Holloway Holloway Rd 1870 1971 Originally LGOC stables
Subsequently used as bonded warehouse, now a housing estate
K Kilburn     by 1922 Originally Great Eastern - to LGOC 1911
K Kingston Richmond Rd 1922 1999? Not used 1984 to ????
Demolished 2000
L Lots Road   1912   Originally Metropolitan Steam Omnibus - to LGOC 1915 but not used operationally
L Loughton Church Hill 1923 1953 Subsequently used as bakery and DIY store, still stands
L Loughton Church Hill 1953 1986 Demolished
M Mortlake Avondale Rd 1901 1982 Originally stables, motor bus from 1906
N Norwood Knights Hill 1909    
P Old Kent Road Bowles Rd 1874   Originally London Tramways tram depot, later LCC tram depot, Vanguard (motor buses) - to LGOC 1908
Q Camberwell Camberwell New Rd 1914   Not used 1914 to 1919.
R Hammersmith Normand Rd   1913  
R Hammersmith Caroline St 1913 1983 Renamed Riverside 1950
Demolished and replaced by bus station
S Shepherds Bush Wells Rd 1906 1923 Originally Vanguard - to LGOC 1908
Not used 1914 to 1920
S Shepherds Bush Wells Road 1923    
T Leyton Leyton Grn   1912 Originally Great Eastern - to LGOC 1911
T Leyton Leyton Grn 1912    
U Upton Park Redclyffe Rd 1907 2011 Originally London Road Car - to LGOC 1908
Not used 1915 to 1919
V Turnham Green Belmont Rd 1911 1980 Subsequently used as vehicle store
V Chiswick High Road 1901   Originally London United tram depot, disused from c1930, except:
Motor bus 1935 to 1936 during rebuilding of AF
Used for BEA vehicles 1966 to 1978
Re-opened (named Stamford Brook) 1980, adopting code V
W Dollis Hill Edgware Rd 1905   Renamed Cricklewood
X Middle Row
(North Kensington)
Conlan St 1910 1981  
X Westbourne Park Great Western Rd 1981    
Y Farm Lane
  1890 1914 Originally London Road Car stables, motor bus from 1904 - to LGOC 1908
Given new code of F 1912
Later used as LPTB laboratory
There is a building adjacent to Seagrave Road which may be the original garage.
AB Twickenham Cambridge Rd 1912 1970 Demolished
AC Willesden High Rd 1912    
AD Palmers Green Regents Ave 1912    
AE Hendon The Burroughs 1913 1987 Demolished
AF Chelverton Road
Chelverton Rd 1912    
AG Ash Grove Ash Grove 1981 ?  
AH Nunhead Nunhead La 1912 1954 National Steam Car - to LGOC 1920

Still standing - listed building
AK Streatham High Rd 1913 1996 Now used as indoor go-kart race track
AL Merton High St 1913    
AM Plumstead Wickham La 1913 1981 Not used 1914 to 1919
Demolished and Great Mills DIY store now occupies the site.
AM Amersham Broadway     Recoded MA
Demolished, although part of adjacent Amersham & District garage still stands in use for car servicing and repairs.
AN Catford   1913   Not used 1914 to 1920
Initially used by Thomas Tilling from 1920 as replacement for their Lewisham depot
TL stands for Tilling Lewisham
AQ Camden Town Rochester Mews   1933 Originally British Automobile Traction - to LGOC 1913
AP Seven Kings High Rd 1913 c2009  
AR Tottenham Philip La 1913   Not used 1914 to 1919
AT         Currently in use by Centrewest for the former Tram Depot at Acton.
AV Hounslow   1913 1954 Not used 1915 to 1919
AV Hounslow London Rd 1954    
AW Abbey Wood Abbey Wood Rd 1910 1981 Originally LCC tram depot - used as bus depot from 1954. Demolished in the early 1990s after serving as a warehouse and, latterly, a go-kart track. Housing now occupies the site.
BK Barking Longbridge Rd 1924    
BN Brixton Streatham Hill 1953  
BP Brookmans Park   ? ?  
BS Bishops Stortford   ? ?  
BW Bow Fairfield Rd 1908   Originally tram depot, trolleybus from 1938, motor bus from 1959
BX Bexleyheath Erith Rd 1935 1986 Originally trolleybus depot, motor bus from 1959
Not used 1986 to 1988?
CA Clapham High St 1910 1987 Originally LCC tram depot, motor bus from 1951
Closed 1958 to 1981 and used as museum
CE Hendon Edgware Rd 1904 1962 Originally Metropolitan Electric tram depot, trolleybus from 1936
Renamed Colindale 1950
CF Chalk Farm Harmood St 1916 1992/3?  
CL Clay Hall Blondin Rd 1931 1959  
CM Chelsham Limpsfield Rd      
CN Sutton Westmead Rd 1906 1964 Originally South Metropolitan Electric tram depot, trolleybus from 1935, motor bus from 1959
Renamed Carshalton 1950.
CT Hackney Bohemia Pla by 1909 1987 Originally North Metropolitan tram depot, later LCC, trolleybus from 1939, motor bus from 1959
Renamed Clapton 1950
CY Crawley London Rd      
DG Dunton Green London Rd      
ED Elmers End Elmers End Rd 1929 1986  
EM Edmonton Tramway Ave 1904 1986 Originally MET tram depot, trolleybus from 1938, motor bus from 1961
EW Edgware Station Rd 1925 1939  
EW Edgware Station Rd 1939 1984  
EW Edgware Station Rd 1984    
FW Fulwell Wellington Rd 1902   Originally LUT tram depot, trolleybus from 1931, motor bus from 1962
FY Finchley Woodberry Grove 1905 1990 Originally MET tram depot, trolleybus from 1936, motor bus from 1962
GM Gillingham Street
Gillingham St 1940 c1999 Demolished
DS Dorking Horsham Rd     Demolished
DT Dartford Priory Rd      
EG East Grinstead Garland Rd     Demolished
EP Epping High St     Later used as Carpet Warehouse
GA Grays
(Argent Street)
Argent St ? ? Origiinally Eastern National
GD Godstone Eastbourne Rd     Demolished
GF Guildford Leas Rd      
GR Garston St Albans Rd      
GY Grays London Rd      
HA Harlow Fourth Ave      
HB Hammersmith Butterwick 1908 1960 Originally LCC tram depot, trolleybus from 1937
After 1960, housed the BEA vehicles
HD Harrow Weald High Rd 1930    
HE High Wycombe       See HW
HF Hatfield St Albans Rd East      
HF Hatfield St Albans Rd East      
HG Hertford Fairfax Rd      
HH Two Waters
(Hemel Hempstead)
London Rd      
HL Hanwell Broadway 1901   Originally London United tram depot, trolleybus from 1936, motor bus from 1960
HN Hitchin Park St      
HT Holloway Pemberton Gdns 1907   Originally LCC tram depot, dual tram/trolleybus from 1938, trolleybus from 1952, trolleybus/motor bus from 1960, motor bus from 1961
Renamed Highgate 1950, renamed Holloway 1971
HW Hanwell Uxbridge Rd 1925 1986 Renamed Southall 1950
Now used as carpet showroom
HW High Wycombe Queen Alexandra Rd   ? Recoded HE
Building survives, currently in use by Staples office supplies.
ID Ilford Ley St 1903 1959 Originally Ilford Corporation tram depot, trolleybus from 1938. Subsequently acquired by London Borough of Redbridge
IH Hounslow London Rd 1935 1962 Trolleybus depot, built on site of tram depot
Renamed Isleworth
LB Leyton Lea Bridge Rd 1906 1959 Originally Leyton Urban District tram depot, latter LCC, trolleybus from 1939
Renamed Lea Bridge
LH Leatherhead Guildford Rd      
LN Luton       Originally National
LS Luton Park St West     Originally Strawhatter
MA Amersham       See AM
MH Muswell Hill Hampden Rd 1925 1990 Demolished
NB Norbiton London Rd 1952 ? Demolsihed
NF Northfleet London Rd      
NS North Street
North St 1953    
NX New Cross Pepys Rd 1906   Originally LCC tram depot, motor bus from 1952
ON Alperton Ealing Rd 1939    
PB Potters Bar High St 1930   Initially used by Overground
PD Plumstead Plumstead Rd 1981    
PM Peckham High St 1951 ? Often called "Bull Yard" after Thomas Tilling premises originally on this site which was named after a nearby public house
Now demolished
PR Poplar Leven Rd 1906 1985 Originally LCC tram depot, trolleybus from 1940, motor bus from 1959
RD Romford Hornchurch Rd 1924   Renamed Hornchurch 1935
RE London Road
London Rd      
RG Reigate Bell St      
RL Rye Lane
Bellenden Rd 1951   Demolished 2000
SA St Albans St Peters St      
SE Stonebridge Brentfield 1906 1981 Originally Metropolitan Electric tram depot, trolleybus from 1936, motor bus from 1962
Still stands, but rebuilt as community centre and barely recognisable
SF Stamford Hill Rookwood Rd 1906   Originally LCC tram depot, trolleybus from 1936, motor bus from 1961
SH South Harrow   ? 1930  
SJ Swanley London Rd     SJ stands for Swanley Junction
SP Sidcup High St 1924 1988? Now demolished
ST Staines London Rd     Demolished
SV Stevenage Danestrete     Demolished
SW Stockwell Binfield Rd 1952    
TB Bromley Hastings Rd 1924   Initially used by Thomas Tilling
TB stands for Tilling Bromley
TC Croydon Brighton Rd 1916   Built by LGOC but initially used by Thomas Tilling
TC stands for Tilling Croydon
TG Tring Western Rd      
TH Thornton Heath Whitehall Rd c1901   Originally Croydon Corporation tram depot, to LT 1933
Not in use 1949 to 1952, motor bus from 1952
TL Catford Bromley Rd     see AN
TW Tunbridge Wells        
UX Uxbridge   1921   Used by Thames Valley 1922 to 1929
WA Watford
(High Street)
High St      
WB Weybridge   1923 1939  
WC Windsor Castle St Leonards Rd ? ? Re-coded WR
Demolished, now housing estate
WD Wandsworth Jews row 1902 1987 Originally LCC tram depot, later tram/trolleybus. motor bus from 1952
WG West Green Willow Walk 1925 1962 Originally Admiral, later London Public - to LGOC 1929
WH West Ham Greengate St 1906 1994 Originally West Ham Corporation tram depot, trolleybus from 1937, motor bus from 1959
WL Camberwell Camberwell New Rd 1905 ? Originally LCC tram depot, motorbus from 1951
Renamed Walworth 1951
Not used 1985 to 1987
Still stands
WN Wood Green High Rd 1904   Originally Metropolitan Electric tram depot, rebuilt for trolleybus use 1938, motor bus from 1961
WR Windsor       See WC
WT Watford
(Leavesden Road)
St Albans Rd ? ? Still stands
WW Walthamstow Chingford Rd 1905   Originally Walthamstow Corporation tram depot, trolleybus from 1937, motor bus from 1960. Demolished, although tramway office remains.
WY Addlestone Station Rd     The code WY actually stands for Weybridge, presumably used as no A-prefix codes were available
Tram depots, and (initially) trolleybus depots did not have codes
  Acton Uxbridge Rd     Tram depot, now used as bus garage for CentreWest(?)
(Telford Avenue)
Streatham Hill 1892 1953 Originally London Tramways tram depot, later LCC
  Brixton Hill Brixton Hill ? 1951  
  Hounslow   1901 1935 Originally London United tram depot
  Manor House Green Lanes     Tram depot
  Norwood Elmcourt Rd ? ? Tram depot
  Purley     1949 Tram depot
After closure used as bus store

Additional information kindly provided by Norman Bartlett and M J Langley

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