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Does it pay to advertise on buses?

A young lady, several months pregnant, boarded a bus and sat opposite a young man. He started smiling at her and, feeling rather embarrassed because of her condition, she moved her seat further along the bus. Again he smiled and again she moved until, after the fourth time of shifting her position, the young man burst out laughing. She told the conductor who stopped the bus, called a policeman and the young man was sent to court.

When the case came up he was asked what he had to say, and he made the following statement:

"When the young lady boarded the bus, I could not help noticing her condition. She first sat under an advertisement which read "COMING SHORTLY - THE GOLD DUST TWINS" and I could not help smiling. She then moved further along under another which read "USE SLOAN'S TO RELIEVE THAT SWELLING" and I was more amused than ever. She then moved for a third time and sat under another advertisement which read "WILLIAM'S STICK DID THE TRICK" and I could hardly control myself. But when she moved again under another which read "DUNLOP RUBBER WOULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS ACCIDENT", well, I had to burst out laughing."

Case dismissed.


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