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Spotter's Jotter

The Spotter's Jotter web pages contain a miscellany of pages covering absolutely any aspect that occurs to me about buses - past and present. Some of what you find here is extremely serious, but you might find other parts excruciatingly funny!

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Contents page

  1. London buses in service in the 1970's
    1. RT - Central Area
    2. RF - Green Line coach
    3. RF - Central Area
    4. RF - Country Area bus
    5. RM - part one
    6. RM - part two
    7. RML - Central Area
    8. DMS class
    9. LN - London Country
    10. Miscellaneous London Country single-deckers
  2. Other bus and coach operators
    1. Smith's of Potterspury
    2. The Paulerspury Bus
  3. London buses with new owners
    1. The camera never lies
    2. London Country Swift still at work
    3. GS54 - a mobile home
    4. RT277 - RIP
  4. British buses abroad
    1. RT2929 in Canada, 1986
    2. RT Buses in California 1997
    3. Mystery bus in USA 1998
    4. RLH50 discovered in New Zealand
    5. RF298 - in Pakistan
    6. A large collection of british buses in Canada
  5. Provincial buses with new owners
    1. Mystery bus found in West Wales
  6. Bus Garages
    1. London bus garage codes
  7. Bus Stops
    1. A Norwegian bus stop
    2. Shetland Bus Stops - part 1
    3. Shetland Bus Stops - part 2
    4. Shetland Bus Stops - part 3
  8. Other articles
    1. Does it pay to advertise on buses?
    2. The camera never lies, part 2
  9. Legal and Technical
    1. Vintage bus and coach driving licence requirements
    2. Preserved Buses and Tachographs
    3. Preserved Buses and the use of Bus Lanes
    4. Preserved Buses and the London Low Emission Zone
    5. Preserved buses and the London Ultra Lowe Emmission Zone
    6. Preserved buses and the Dartford Crossing
    7. Preserved buses and the London Congestion Charge
    8. Preserved Buses and the Driver CPC
    9. Preserved buses and MoT test exemption
    10. Preserved buses and Road Tax (VED) exemption

Many thanks to all that have provided additional information, especially for the surviving bus listings - especially Michael Drake for cross-checking much of the detail and identifying errors brought about by my clumsy typing.

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