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The camera never lies, part 1

Some astounding pictures of London buses - the camera never lies!.

Is this real?
Photograph © Gill Hinson

Yes, folks, there is positively no jiggery-piggery with this photograph. This amazing combination was created for a television promotion and later appeared at a few transport events in 1992. It promoted the benefits of Travelcards - a uniform pass for bus, underground and surface railways.

Being curious, I wondered what taxation class it qualified for - but it wasn't taxed at all, running on trade plates.

The vehicle is extant and currently with a Surrey dealer whilst possibilities are considered.

With thanks to Matthew Kyle and Gerry Cork for additional notes.

Low-bridge Routemaster?
Photograph © Gill Hinson

Also around in 1992 was this some-what squashed Routemaster - once RM110 in LT's fleet..

It has, in fact, been customised with no expense spared - notice how the wind-down windows have been retained although there is no room for them to do so!

In the lower deck, it was necessary to duck one's head to circulate - but on the upper deck it was only possible to crawl around on hands and knees! The driving position was cramped and uncomfortable as the seat was actually sitting on the floor.

Fun, though.

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