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Shetland bus stops - part 3

The ultimate in luxury

This bus stop is the ultimate in luxury - all mod cons are provided although there is little room to actually shelter here!

A tyred cyclist makes good use of the sofa

A rather stuffed-looking cyclist rests on the sofa after an exhausting ride. There are two bikes here, but nobody knows where his friend is. Perhaps he caught the last bus. Note the net curtains, lampshade, pot plants, tablecloth and carpet

Hot and cold food available!

And there is no need to get bored or go hungry. A television and refreshment is provided, together with a clock to tell you when the next bus isn't coming.

All kinds of food are available here

In the food display are potato crisps, a choice of bottled or canned beer, jams etc. The pot of freshly cut flowers provides a further homely touch.

If you really do not believe what you have seen here, it is high time you paid a visit to the Shetland Islands. But I am not sure I could recommend touring by bus.

All photographs © John Hinson

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