Southern Vectis 516 – DL 9706

Restoration 1989 – 2016

The process of restoring this vehicle to original condition was slow, laborious and (most of all) expensive. Initial attention was to the mechanical units. During the 1990’s the engine was overhauled and rebuilt , and many other mechanical parts renovated. At the same time, of course, the condition of the body deteriorated!

DL9706 undergoing mechanical work at Cryers Hill in the 1990s.

Photo: J Hinson

Unfortunately, during this time a number of crucial items including the sump and gearbox were stolen whilst not on the vehicle, and replacements were difficult to source. Two scrap bus and one lorry chassis have contributed to the rebuild.

In July 2001, work commenced on the reconstruction of the body framing.



A start has been made on the complete body rebuild, 4/9/01
Photo: J Hinson
Body framing complete and new roof fitted 12/7/06.
Photo: J Hinson

Painting in progress 30/5/13
Photo: J Hinson

Delivery day 26/4/15
Photo: J Hinson

Finishing touches 18/4/17
Photo: J Hinson

Work carried out, and parts supplied

Engine rebuild Saunders & Ralph Motor Engineers, Bristol
Clutch overhaul Past Parts, Bury St Edmunds
Brake Servo overhaul Feeny & Johnson, Wembley
Radiator Tubes Vintage Wings and Radiators, Miles Platting
Radiator assembly Bryan & Son, Tunbridge Wells
Lancet Radiator badge John Golding, Wellow, Isle of Wight (from DL 9077)
New Springs Holloway
Mechanical work, plus stripping and re-assembly Ward Jones Commercial Vehicles, Cryers Hill
Body rebuild Ward Jones Commercial Vehicles, Cryers Hill
Rear Corner Domes G P Panelcraft, Wokingham
Sliding Windows Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society
Glazing Bucks Windscreens, Cryers Hill
Painting Ward Jones Commercial Vehicles, Cryers Hill
Paint Original shades supplied by T & R Williamson, Ripon
Interior restoration For the future
Seats Tim Stubbs, Burton-on-Trent

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