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The RT class vehicles

About the RT family

RT class busSome seven thousand buses of the RT family were built for London Transport between 1939 and 1954 creating the most standardised bus fleet in the world, although a number of design improvements and variations evolved as production progressed. The majority were finished in Central Area red livery, although many were painted green for Country Area and Green Line use.

Most were were based on the AEC Regent MkIII chassis built at Southall, being fitted with AEC 6-cylinder 9.6 litre engines. Transmission was through a four speed air operated pre-selective gearbox with fluid flywheel.

The majority were bodied by Park Royal Vehicles or Weymann.

The type proved immensely efficient and reliable, and some remained in public service with London Transport until as late as 1979.

RT4275 and RT1594

When first purchased, RT4275 was licenced and made a few rally visits before serious restoration began. It is seen here on a visit to the 1991 Showbus Rally at Woburn, in the company of RT1594 that was at that time associated with our group. Both wear the remnants of their previous owners' liveries. [Gill Hinson]

RT1784 after 2002 repaint

RT1784 after completion of repaint in Spring 2002. The bus was restored to 1950's livery to participate in the Queen's Jubilee Tour.

Details of the vehicles: . . .RT1784 . . . RT4275

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