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Post-war RT 70th Anniversary
Route 10 Victoria to Abridge


On Wednesday 10th May, four RTs of the original "RT3" type commemorated 70th Anniversary of the entry into service of the type with a run over the old route 10 from Victoria to Abridge.

At Victoria, Transport for London literally "pulled out all the stops" and emptied the bus station for our exclusive use for a few minutes. In this picture, left to right, are RT1705, RT190 and RT1784. RT191 is out of shot but unfortunately the fifth vehicle, the London Bus Museum's RT2657, did not make it.
Photo: John Hinson

As we were with our vehicle, we weren't able to take shots along the route but at Abridge we had a layover courtesy the Village Hall, where we see RT1705 and "interloper" RT3062 in this picture.
Photo: John Hinson

From Abridge, we worked back to Leyton garage for lunch - supposedly. Owing to earlier traffic delays, lunch was at around 3 o'clock! Left to right are RT190, 1784, 1702 (another interloper), RT191 and support vehcile RT3871 which had spent the morning reserving the stand at Abridge Blue Boar for us.
Photo: John Hinson


A trip was planned over the 38A to Loughton and back but time did not permit, so at around 4 o'clock several RTs headed back into London over route 38 (including RTs 190 and 191 (right)) whilst.we headed for home with RT1784 (left).
Photo: John Hinson