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Where we've been

Self Preservation Society

Metroline Garage Open Day
Potters Bar


We have attended the open day at Potters Bar a few times but for the first time one of our vehicles participated in the free local services running in connection with the event.

Our first run was to Cuffley on the 242, where the bus is seen awaiting return to Potters Bar.
Photo: John Hinson

Our schedules were altered owing to another RF not showing up on the day, and we found ourselves working a trip on the 342 to Eassendon. We had no blinds for the 342, but figured any blind looked better than no blind for photographs!
Photo: John Hinson

During the afternoon we worked trips on the 284 - a circular service round the town. In London Transport days, this was the only route ever worked by RFs from Potters Bar garage and whilst only a short ride it proved popular with passengers. Alongside is TD95 which has the proper display for the 342 that we were without.
Photo: John Hinson