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Donington Park


The annual "Showbus" rally moved north this year to Donington Park, adjacent to the racetrack.

Owing to some odd parking by an adjacent vehicle, RF433 was tucked rather tightly in a dark spot but we were able to take a photograph after that vehicle had gone home early. Being further north than typical Showbus sites the London representation was less than had become the norm and RF433 was the only one of the type present.
Photo: John Hinson

The reduced quantity of London vehicles was more than made up for with some interesting vehicles from elsewhere - here we see a KRR 255 - a 1950 AEC Regal that worked for Midland General.
Photo: John Hinson

There isn't space to show every interesting vehicle here but another that caught my eye was Rochdale 235 (HDK 835).
Photo: John Hinson

An amazing collection of Barton vehicles was on display after a lunchtime convoy from their former headquarters at Chilwell.
Photo: John Hinson