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Self Preservation Society

Riding the 704
Windsor to Tunbridge Wells


On the 1st of August we tooks some friends for a ride over the old Green Line 704 route from Windsor to Tunbridge Wells. RF280 had been based at Tunbridge Wells for five years, working this route, and we celebrated 50 years since the vehicle came off Green Line service for conversion to a Country Bus.

Waiting for our passengers to join us at Windsor.
Photo: John Hinson
Do you believe in coincidences? When we arrived at Victoria, coming over Eccleston Bridge was RF679, doing the same thing as us but over Route 703 from Wrotham to Amersham. If we had known, and intended to meet, we could never have done it with such precision!
Photo: John Hinson
Bromley Common
With the kind permission of Stagecoach we were able to stop at Bromley garage to use nearby catering for a lunch stop. Many of the staff showed great interest in the 63 year-old vehicle.
Photo: John Hinson
Duntonb Green
A brief stop opposite the site of Dunton Green garage provides an almost timeless view.
Photo: John Hinson
Tunbridge Wells
What little remains of the terminus at Tunbridge Wells is now a cafe in a pedestrian area, and the old bus garage has long been demolished, so we improvised to stand near Sainsburys where we were able to grab a snack before heading back.
Photo: John Hinson