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Self Preservation Society

Road Run to Towcester, FBHVC Drive It Day
Jacks Hill Cafe, Towcester


The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs designates one day a year as "Drive It Day" to improve general awareness of the historic vehicle movement.

We organised a run to the famous truck-driver's cafe on the A5 at Towcester for members of the East Midlands Preservation Group.

The vehicles are lined up in the lorry park behind the cafe. From left to right are AEC Reliance 129 DPT, ex OK Motor Services of Bishop Auckland, London RML 2392, London RT 1784, London RF 453, and Northampton 267.
Photo: John Hinson

We weren't the only group visiting the cafe that day! A grand range of Zephyrs and Zodiacs were lined up.
Photo: John Hinson