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Self Preservation Society

"The Traffic Circular"
Anniversary Run, London


On 31st August we took the opportunity to combine two major anniversaries into a fun day out for our friends. RF433 was sixty years old in February, and we will have owned it for 30 years in October. We thought that was a special combination and thought long and hard for something different to do - in 30 years of preservation you can sometimes feel you have "done everything" already. So we chose something really daft - we did a full circuit of the North and South Circular Roads, including the Woolwich Free Ferry.

RF433 at Brent Cross
After driving in from our base in Northamptonshire, we picked up our gang of friends at Brent Cross.
Photo: Keith Valla

We didn't expect a traffic-free day - here RF433 waits in traffic in Gunnersbury Avenue
Photo: Keith Valla
RF433 at McDonalds
Lunch break was taken at McDonalds in Eltham - well it did say "Drive Thru" so we did!
Photo: Peter Osborn

Group shot taken in Eltham.
Photo: Keith Valla


The happy crowd inside RF433
Photo: John Hinson


Queuing for the ferry
RF433 queues for the Woolwich Free Ferry whilst something also old and interesting passes by.
Photo:Peter Larkham


RF433 on the ferry
RF433 on board the Woolwich Free Ferry
Photo: John Hinson


RF433 afloat
RF433 afloat on the River Thames
Photo: Peter Osborn


Coming off the ferry at North Woolwich
Photo: Keith Valla