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Where we've been

Self Preservation Society

Citroen Car Club National Rally
Wicksteed Park, Kettering


Our little French van had an outing, we couldn't not attend the CCC National Rally when it was less than an hour away (even at its sedate speed). There were four vans of the type represented on the Saturday, but it was a two-day event and others may have appeared on the Sunday.

We weren't quite sure where to park, so used our initiative and (unknowingly) parked next to the van belonging to Martyn and Caroline, who run the H-Van Register.
Photo: John Hinson

Another nice van appeared to have travelled up from London, judging by the sign-writing.
Photo: John Hinson

. . . somebody with a sense of humour!
Photo: John Hinson

We could certainly have made good use of a ring-pull this size the week before!

Photos: John Hinson

The fourth van present was parked alongside some beautiful representatives of the DS type, which remarkably enough share the same engine type as the vans!
Photo: John Hinson