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Where we've been

Self Preservation Society

Bus & Coach Preservation Rally
Newbury Showground


This event took place in a spell of extremely hot weather, so there was no urge to sit in one's vehicle! But there were many interesting vehicles here to see.

Our patchwork RF280 bakes in the sun - perhaps it will ripen into red livery?
Photo: John Hinson

I recognised this livery instantly by the unusual shade of green - this coach once belonged to Harper Brothers of Heath Hayes in Staffordshire. This business also ran some ex-London RTs at one time.
Photo: John Hinson

London Transport RTL1323 looked absolutely resplendent, and gave some free rides around the site. For many years this bus gathered dust in the old Cobham Bus Museum wearing a pseudo Green Line livery.
Photo: John Hinson

Another interesting Burlingham-bodied coach in an unusual livery which it seems was worn by the Whittle's Coaches fleet in Kidderminster. The firm still operates, although their vehicles were a less-striking white livery these days.
Photo: John Hinson