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Potters Bar Garage
Open Day


Just a week after Bow, Potters Bar garage had an open day and we had been invited to bring RT1784 along. We don't normally go to many bus garage open days, but with two so close together it was difficult not to make comparisons - we felt Potters Bar was rather more low-key and was more aimed at enthusiasts than local residents, staff and retired staff as we found at Bow.

Rt1784 at Potters Bar
RT1784 was parked alongside various other vehicles on display. It was dressed as a 134 bound for Pimlico - a long route that Potters Bar was associated with for many years. Surprisingly, unlike at Bow, this did not generate much interesting conversation with the visitors. The orange glow is a reflection of lights on an adjacent trade stand.
Photo: John Hinson
General view of Potters Bar garage
The upper deck of RT1784 is used to advantge for a general view of the garage. A number of vintage buses await duty on the free services on local routes.
Photo: John Hinson
Inside Potters Bar garage
The arrangement of placing the sales stalls in front of the display vehicles wasn't very helpful for photographers! The top picture on this page had been taken before they started setting up.
Photo: John Hinson