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Bow Garage
Open Day


Bow garage celebrated its centenary in style with a very well-organised open day and we were asked to bring RF433 along.

RF433 approaching Bow
RFs had no direct association with Bow garage but the only route to pass the garage entrance was the 208, worked by crewed RFs for many years. RF433 approaches the garage, passing under the bridge that prevented double-decker operation.
Photo: Keith Valla
RF433 at Bow
RF433 fo0rmed part of the display inside the garage, fully dressed as D12 on the 208. Whilst the bus never formally worked out of Dalston, we have a photograph that shows it on loan, working duty D12 of course!
Photo: John Hinson
Inside Bow garage
Amongst the range of vesicles on display were a number of vehicles with local connections (and one that looks distinctly non-local) and just visible is a tower wagon for maintaining overhead trolleybus wires.
Photo: John Hinson
The trolleybis departs
Some considerable effort had been made to obtain suitable vehicles for display, and it was a treat to have a trolleybus present. Here, it can be seen on its way back to the London transport Museum at the end of the day behind a distinctly non-vintage wrecker.
Photo: John Hinson