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Self Preservation Society

Hemel Hempstead
Running Day


For 2008 this annual event celebrated the 60th anniversary of the introduction of Country Area RTs but this did not stand in the way of an invitation to attend with RT1784 once again, which of course operated in Hemel Hempstead in its red colours in 1963.

RT1784 at Watford
RT1784 stands at Clarendon Corner, Watford, awaiting return to Hemel Hempstead over route 302. This route would have been the 301C in 1784's days.
Photo: John Hinson
RT1784 at Apsley Mills
Later in the day, RT1784 was on the 302 again, and is seen here pulling in to the stop by the former paper mills at Apsley. Few original buildings survive here, but the clock remains!
Photo: John Hinson
RF453 at Hemel Hempstead
Our RF453 was also present, although not operating on the free services. It is seen here parked up in the overflow area by the council offices and magistrate's court.
Photo: John Hinson