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We were a little apprehensive about attending this event owing to heavy rain during the previous week but the organisers assured the ground was fine. For heavier vehicles such as buses this wasn't quite true, but after a couple of worrying "sticky" moments we parked up in our designated position (with blocks of wood under the back axle). The weather on the day was a great improvement on what we experienced at Quainton Road!

RT1784 at Luton
RT1784 basks in the sunshine.
Photo: John Hinson
CR16 at Luton
There were relatively few London buses present and remarkably not a Routemaster in sight! Had they been frightened off by the weather? But one little gem present was CR16.
Photo: John Hinson
MB641 at Luton
Another type not often seen at rallies, although a touch more modern, is London's MB type - MB641 has recently changed hands and has since received a nice shiny coat of new paint.
Photo: John Hinson