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Bus Rally


For a number of reasons, we didn't manage to attend any rallies in 2008 until late May when we visited the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road. And we almost wondered why we bothered, for the Bank Holiday Monday was blessed with the kind of weather always associated with Bank Holidays - wet and windy. It felt like winter again. Nevertheless, a good number of vehicles turned out for the event although there seemd few members of the public braving the weather to admire them.

Line-up at Quainton
A line up of (mostly) single-deckers features a good proportion of Bristol RE coaches with ECW coach bodies - at the left end is one fromn crosville alongside a Royal Blue example. A solitary RF represents London Tranbsport's single deckers.
Photo: John Hinson
RF453 at Amersham
Our RT1784 was the oldest participant at the event, parked alongside geaming RCL2233 with a Leicester Metro-Scania beyond. Sorry about the raindrops on the camera lens!
Photo: John Hinson