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Running Day


A new event in the vintage bus calendar for this year was a running day at Loughton. As our RF433 used to operate out of Loughton in the late 1950s, we could not resist the invitation to attend despite it clashing with our planned activities in Northampton.

RF433 at Buckhurst Hill
RF433 calls at Buckhurst Hill whilst en route to South Woodford, or so the blinds would have you believe. In truth, that was the only display we had!
Photo: John Hinson
RF281 at Loughton
Peter Beeson's gleaming RF281 stands in Station Road, Loughton, between workings on Green Line route 720. Numerically,this RF is just one away from our own RF280, but to look at they are completely different. Dave Joseph's RF503 stands behind.
Photo: John Hinson
RT3871 at Loughton
David Churn has just leapt out of RT3871's driving seat, whilst Conductor Peter Larkham shares a yarn with the inspector.
Photo: John Hinson